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Flat-Fee Home Listing Services In Fargo, ND – BaumBach Real Estate

Learn How to Sell Your Home Without Paying a High Commission Fee

With advancements in technology, and the ability for people to search for homes online through websites such as Zillow, Trulia, and thousands of other local brokerage sites — it is not always necessary to list your home with a traditional brokerage to help you find a buyer for your home.  As long as your home is listed on the MLS, Buyers can now easily find you.

When people sell their homes they can sometimes end up paying anywhere up to 6% or more of the final sale amount to the real estate agents and brokers that assisted with the transaction.

The brokerage that submits, or lists, the home onto the MLS usually takes half of this commission, and the brokerage that finds the buyer of the home takes the other half.

These commission fees are avoidable when you choose to sell your home yourself — but there are risks to not having any support from a broker at all.

For Sale By Owner

The term For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) is used to describe the process of a homeowner choosing to sell their home by themselves without any assistance from a real estate agent or broker.

It is possible to sell your home this way, but your home will not be listed on the MLS.  Only real estate brokers are able to submit and list your home on the MLS.

What is the MLS?

A Multiple Listing Service, commonly referred to as an MLS, is a database of homes within a certain geographic area.  When your home is listed on the MLS of your region, it is synced to Zillow and other similar listing websites so that your home can be found online from people all across the country.

By not listing your home on the MLS, you risk missing out on many great opportunities for getting your property in front of the right buyers online.  The more visibility your home gets, the more potential buyers — and ultimately, the higher the sales price.

Flat-Fee Listing Services – List Your Home on the MLS Without Paying a Commission Fee

When you choose to list your home for just a flat-rate fee with Baumbach Real Estate, you receive all of the marketing benefits of having your home on the MLS without having to pay a high commission fee.

Flat-fee services can either provide just the basic essentials for getting your home onto the MLS, or they can include more dedicated service from an experienced broker who can help guide you through all of the ins and outs of the process.

Baumbach Real Estate as Your Flat-Fee Listing Broker

By choosing Baumbach Real Estate to list your home for a flat-fee, you can decide on either a basic limited listing service to get you onto the MLS, or you can choose a “full-service” listing option where a real estate agent will provide assistance throughout your entire transaction — from marketing to closing.

Some of the support benefits to Baumbach’s “full-service” Limited listing option include:

  • Submitting a quality MLS listing with 50+ photos
  • Advertising your open houses on the MLS
  • Writing &reviewing contracts
  • Offer advice
  • Negotiation
  • Coordinating buyer inspections
  • Help Facilitating the closing of your home

Selling your home can be a complex process, and without the support of an experienced real estate broker, it is possible that costly mistakes can be made.

Along with the support benefits listed above, Baumbach Real Estate also provides an outdoor sign for your home, printable flyers, a lock box for keys, phone & email support, and more.

List Your Home Today for a Flat-Fee with Baumbach Real Estate

Baumbach Real Estate strives to make selling your home as easy and painless as possible, while still focusing on obtaining the most value by cutting out the high fees.

Whether you are a seasoned seller that just needs to get your home onto the MLS, or are less experienced with the process, Baumbach Real Estate is here to help.

Both the limited service and full-service listings are at affordable flat-fee rates and do not take a commission percentage on the final sales price of your home. The result is getting your house listed and sold for a fraction of the cost a typical realtor would charge you.

In summary, we do almost everything a traditional realtor does for you without the huge cost.

To learn more, contact Jory at: (701) 541 – 1541 or [email protected]